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11611 San Vicente Blvd
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11611 San Vicente Blvd
Suite 1020
Los Angeles CA, 90049

Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm


Join the Oceanworks® Marketplace

Marketplace members are committed to accelerating the removal of plastic from the earth’s oceans. Members include collectors, processors, manufacturers, brands who all pledge to adhere to sourcing standards and use the Oceanworks® Guaranteed mark to showcase authenticity.

Our members are collecting millions of pounds of ocean plastic annually. Oceanworks guarantees the origin of all ocean plastic in the marketplace. We test and document what materials are being harvested and how they were collected. We monitor the chain of custody through production and we provide impact metrics and stories for each end product.

Member Benefits 

SAMPLE: Easy access to trusted sources of ocean plastic

SCALE: Material sourced globally

TRACK: Transparent chain of custody

MARKET: Impact metrics and product stories

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    Plans to meet your ocean plastic acquisition needs.

    Oceanworks® Code of Conduct

    We are committed to building a transparent and ethical marketplace. All Members pledge to follow the Oceanworks Code of Conduct. This is our promise to the consumer that every product marked Oceanworks Guaranteed has been sourced in alignment with the principles of:

    Collection Quality
    Material Quality and Authenticity
    Supply Chain Transparency
    Ethical Treatment of People and Planet
    Ethical Treatment of People and Planet
    Regulatory and Business Compliance

    Our Process

    SUPPLIER QUALIFICATION: Our suppliers complete a rigorous self-assessment providing detailed information and supporting documentation on: 1) collection area compliance, 2) operations and safety, 3) legal compliance, 4) environmental stewardship, and 5) social impact. In addition, we have partnered with third-party auditors who are available to verify self-assessment claims.

    MATERIAL APPROVAL: We have vetted each of the verified resins in the marketplace. Our suppliers take pride in the quality of the recycled ocean plastics they provide and we validate their claims with testing by an independent third-party laboratory.

    CHAIN OF CUSTODY TRACKING: Oceanworks uses POs to document material quantity, type, location, and date of shipment and generate a unique reference identifier for each material and product combination. We follow the iSEAL process and use manufacturing data to determine ocean plastic utilization and impact on a mass balance basis.