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11611 San Vicente Blvd
Suite 1020
Los Angeles CA, 90049

Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

Why Sell Your Materials with Oceanworks?

Why Sell Your Materials with Oceanworks?

For companies and entrepreneurs who collect and process plastic for recycling purposes, the viability and profitability of your business are directly tied to the market for your goods. If you can’t find enough buyers or fetch a high enough price, then there may not be a high enough return on investment to continue.

Securing adequate demand for your recycled plastic feedstock can be a time-intensive, often frustrating task requiring ongoing attention to ensure there’s a steady customer pipeline in place. Layer on top of that all the back-and-forth with potential customers who may or may not result into a sale, and you are expending a seemingly endless amount of administrative and sales prospecting time.

Partnering with Oceanworks can save you time and money while connecting your business with buyers who would ordinarily remain out of reach. Our marketplace offers four key benefits that can jumpstart your business’s growth and open up a global market for your product.

Exposure to a global market

Few ocean or averted plastic recycling companies have the resources and expertise to market their materials to potential customers around the world. This makes it difficult to even be discovered, much less convince a prospect that they should select your product over another supplier’s offering.

By joining the Oceanworks Marketplace, you’ll have a team of experts promoting your material to thousands of possible buyers every month. Not only is this broad exposure to manufacturers and brands impossible to replicate on your own, but you’ll be positioned properly for the opportunities most likely to result in a sale.

Oceanworks does the matchmaking to ensure you’ll only receive quality, vetted leads with a good chance of success. You’ll also have a well-oiled logistics machine ready and waiting to begin the sampling process to expedite the entire transaction.

Streamlined sampling

Both potential customers and existing clients need confidence in the recycled plastic feedstock your firm has to offer. To ensure they’re getting what they need and your material meets their stringent requirements, the typical path to a sale requires a lengthy sampling process.

The process of identifying the best material, packaging it, shipping it, dealing with customs, securing payment, and transferring funds requires a lot of administrative overhead with no guarantee of a large deal at the end of the journey. This process can be particularly challenging for smaller firms in the early stages of growth or for companies that simply don’t have experience dealing with a particular region or industry.

Oceanworks qualifies sales opportunities and streamlines the sampling process by featuring your material on our Marketplace with an option for customers to “Buy Now,” with Oceanworks supporting rapid fulfillment of requests. This service can significantly increase your rate of success when prospects reach the sampling stage of their purchase decision. We’ve completed hundreds of sample transactions with companies around the world, and we have a firm understanding of which experiences are most likely to lead to getting a deal done.

Data-driven decision making

Information is critical when operating in a global marketplace, but accessing the data you need and understanding its implications for your own business is a difficult and expensive endeavor. Chances are, there’s a larger, more experienced competitor with better intelligence available, helping dictate their strategy, pricing, marketing, and more.

Oceanworks can help fill in the blanks and provide your firm with the crucial market data you need to evaluate opportunities, win competitive bidding situations, and maximize your profitability. Oceanworks’ Marketplace partners gain access to pricing information, material requirements, and general market trends aggregated from multiple sources and transactions across the globe.

Armed with this intelligence, you’ll increase your odds of winning deals by delivering samples and shipments that meet or exceed customer expectations while priced competitively enough to close the sale without selling yourself short.

Simplified pricing

Manufacturers and brands utilizing the Oceanworks Marketplace are presented with ex-works pricing. This means any price-driven purchase decisions are made on a level playing field since customers will only see the material production and readiness costs for each supplier, not all-in quotes with costly and volatile logistics expenses as well.

This creates an apples-to-apples comparison on materials costs for the customer and allows Oceanworks to separately provide the customer with competitive freight and logistics quotes, removing that burden from the material supplier. You can leave all those calculations and negotiations up to us while you focus on your core competency of capturing, sorting, and recycling ocean plastic.

Set sail for growth

With so many reasons to use Oceanworks to bring your material to market, connect with buyers, and maximize profits, there’s simply no reason to go it alone. Our experience, best practices, dedicated staff, and connections with a global network of brands and manufacturers can unlock a whole new world for recycled plastic suppliers in any market. Start your seller profile today; Oceanworks looks forward to partnering with you to help grow your business!