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11611 San Vicente Blvd
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11611 San Vicente Blvd
Suite 1020
Los Angeles CA, 90049

Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

Oceanworks Collection Area Definitions

Each piece of plastic has a story. We classify our material sources into six different collection zones that identify the journey from pre-consumer all the way to the high seas. Each material listing on our marketplace is classified to provide members with visibility and choice. Cost and material quality may vary between the source areas. Choose the material and source that best fits your manufacturing, sustainability and marketing strategy. 

0. Pre-Consumer

Material that has yet to reach the consumer. Typically created by manufacturing processes and as a by-product of production, at considerable risk of improper disposal.

1. Oceanbound
Material collected from communities with no formal waste management within 50 km of the shore line. This terminology is in accordance with standards and research set by renowned marine debris expert, Jenna Jambeck.

2. Waterway
Material found in streams, rivers and other waterways flowing towards the ocean.

3. Coastal
Material that has washed up onto beaches and coastlines. Commonly fragmented and showing signs of degradation.

4. Near Shore
Material suspended in the shallow or adjacent areas of the ocean that are close but not accumulating on the shore line.

5. High Seas
Material far from shore, including accumulated floating “gyres.” The collected materials are almost exclusively HDPE, as it floats in ocean water and represents only 6% of the plastics that enter the stream of ocean plastic.